Lettera Matematica

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ISSN: 2281-6917 (Print) 2281-5937 (Online)


Lettera Matematica is a quarterly journal that has the objective of discussing mathematics and the world that revolves around it, thereby embracing other fields of knowledge and engaging other scientific communities. This approach has proven its value in recent years: like other sciences, mathematics and related research can be the object of non-specialised as well as specialised communication.

Lettera Matematica aspires to being a point of reference for those who wish to maintain and deepen their knowledge of mathematics, to follow debates on history and methodology, and to learn about new developments in the world of mathematics. The journal addresses topics related to mathematical research but also aims to discuss and reflect on society and its relationships to scientific culture, underlining the contribution that the mathematician – like all other intellectuals – can and must make to the growth and well-balanced development of society.

Lettera Matematica also provides common ground for those mathematicians who use their chosen discipline as a bridge to other worlds rather than working in isolation. For this reason, articles about the history of mathematics are flanked by essays on applied sciences and their social implications, ideas and proposals for mathematics teaching, and book and conference reviews.

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Latest Articles

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    Remembering Carlo Bernardini

    Settimo Termini (December 2018)

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    Monge and Italy

    Luigi Pepe (December 2018)

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    Indeterminate linear problems from Asia to Europe

    Eva Caianiello (December 2018)