Clinical and Translational Medicine

ISSN: 2001-1326 (Online)


Clinical and Translational Medicine plays an important and recognized role in reporting knowledge that contributes towards the understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease. Clinical and Translational Medicine aims to foster a predictive, preventive, personalized and practical approach towards precision medicine, leading to improved patient prognosis. The journal provides a forum for exchange of ideas between basic and clinical scientists on molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease and potential therapies.

The journal covers all areas of clinical and translational medicine but also has several special sections:

  • Clinical and translational cardiovascular medicine - Edited by Yong-Xiao Wang
  • Clinical biostatistics – Edited by Christian Baumgartner and Xiangdong Wang
  • Clinical genomics - Edited by Olaf A. Bodamer and Gilbert S. Omenn
  • Stem cell therapies Edited by Mariusz Z. Ratajczak
  • Translational respiratory medicine - Edited by Chunxue Bai
  • Vaccination and immunotherapy – Edited by Marek Malecki 

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