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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

Publishing model:

Mammalian Genome - Announcing New Special Issues in 2024

In 2024, Mammalian Genome will publish two special issues. Firstly, the annual special issue on Mammalian Genetics Resources and secondly, a special issue on Pre-clinical Disease Models. Special issues in Mammalian Genome consist of reviews, commentaries and perspectives that provide a contemporary and expert account of the state of the field and future challenges.

Mammalian Genetics Resources

The third in a successful series so far and becoming a favoured source of information for researchers in genetics and genomics. The special issue includes updates on data and resources, commentaries on new developments, and review articles, along several major themes, including but not limited to:

  1. Data and data resources – updates on major data resources; novel analyses of existing datasets; new technologies and approaches for acquiring and analysing data
  2. Guidelines, standards and nomenclature
  3. Genetic resources – from archives to tissues banks, but also specialist collections of resources; for example, Cre drivers

We welcome contributions regarding resources from any mammalian species.

Pre-clinical Disease Models (Guest Editors – Fatima Bosch, Barcelona; Radek Sedlacek, Prague)

The overall aim of issue is to provide a set of reviews/commentaries/perspectives that encapsulates new developments in emerging and exciting areas in preclinical disease models. The issue will focus on developments across all mammalian species in the use of models from studies of disease mechanisms to the development and testing of novel therapeutic strategies.

Submitting a review or commentary, or a research article associated with a Special Issue

We welcome submissions of reviews or commentaries to the Special Issues which will be assessed by the Editors and Guest Editors. In addition, we are keen to publish research articles that are related to the themes of the Special Issues and that will be published as part of the Special Issue. The Editors are happy to receive enquiries about potential submissions of any type to the Special Issues.

Steve Brown, Editor in Chief,

Steve Murray, Editor in Chief,