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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

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Mammalian Genome - The Best of Mammalian Genome 2020-2021

We are showcasing the top articles from Mammalian Genome, published in 2020 and 2021. This collection features the highlights of the latest academic research. We hope you enjoy your free reading!

Nutrition and its role in epigenetic inheritance of obesity and diabetes across generations
Daniela Kaspar, Sieglinde Hastreiter, Martin Irmler, Martin Hrabé de Angelis & Johannes Beckers

Epigenetic contribution to obesity
Meriem Ouni & Annette Schürmann

A scan for genes associated with cancer mortality and longevity in pedigree dog breeds
Aoife Doherty, Inês Lopes, Christopher T. Ford, Gianni Monaco, Patrick Guest & João Pedro de Magalhães

A comprehensive and comparative phenotypic analysis of the collaborative founder strains identifies new and known phenotypes
Heike Kollmus, Helmut Fuchs, Christoph Lengger, Hamed Haselimashhadi, Molly A. Bogue, Manuela A. Östereicher, Marion Horsch, Thure Adler, Juan Antonio Aguilar-Pimentel, Oana Veronica Amarie, Lore Becker, Johannes Beckers, Julia Calzada-Wack, Lillian Garrett, Wolfgang Hans, Sabine M. Hölter, Tanja Klein-Rodewald, Holger Maier, Philipp Mayer-Kuckuk, Gregor Miller, Kristin Moreth, Frauke Neff, Birgit Rathkolb, Ildikó Rácz, Jan Rozman, Nadine Spielmann, Irina Treise, Dirk Busch, Jochen Graw, Thomas Klopstock, Eckhard Wolf, Wolfgang Wurst, Ali Önder Yildirim, Jeremy Mason, Arturo Torres, Mouse Phenome Database Team, Rudi Balling, Terry Mehaan, Valerie Gailus-Durner, Klaus Schughart & Martin Hrabě de Angelis

The gut microbiome of laboratory mice: considerations and best practices for translational research
Aaron C. Ericsson & Craig L. Franklin

A novel mutation in the mouse Pcsk1 gene showing obesity and diabetes
Nor I. A. Muhsin, Liz Bentley, Ying Bai, Michelle Goldsworthy & Roger D. Cox

Host genetic control of gut microbiome composition
Jason A. Bubier, Elissa J. Chesler & George M. Weinstock

A novel knockout mouse for the small EDRK-rich factor 2 (Serf2) showing developmental and other deficits
Karen Cleverley, Weaverly Colleen Lee, Paige Mumford, Toby Collins, Matthew Rickman, Thomas J. Cunningham, James Cleak, Joffrey Mianne, Zsombor Szoke-Kovacs, Michelle Stewart, Lydia Teboul, Cheryl Maduro, Sara Wells, Frances K. Wiseman & Elizabeth M. C. Fisher

Gabra2 is a genetic modifier of Dravet syndrome in mice
Nicole A. Hawkins, Toshihiro Nomura, Samantha Duarte, Levi Barse, Robert W. Williams, Gregg E. Homanics, Megan K. Mulligan, Anis Contractor & Jennifer A. Kearney

Comparative genomic analysis of inbred rat strains reveals the existence of ancestral polymorphisms
Hyeonjeong Kim, Minako Yoshihara & Mikita Suyama

Designing libraries for pooled CRISPR functional screens of long noncoding RNAs
Carlos Pulido-Quetglas & Rory Johnson

The birth of piRNAs: how mammalian piRNAs are produced, originated, and evolved
Yu H. Sun, Brent Lee & Xin Zhiguo Li

The Rat Genome Database (RGD) facilitates genomic and phenotypic data integration across multiple species for biomedical research
M. L. Kaldunski, J. R. Smith, G. T. Hayman, K. Brodie, J. L. De Pons, W. M. Demos, A. C. Gibson, M. L. Hill, M. J. Hoffman, L. Lamers, S. J. F. Laulederkind, H. S. Nalabolu, K. Thorat, J. Thota, M. Tutaj, M. A. Tutaj, M. Vedi, S. J. Wang, S. Zacher, M. R. Dwinell & A. E. Kwitek