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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

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Functional Characterization of IncRNAs

Mammalian Genome is planning a special issue for
publication in 2021 that will focus on various aspects of
non-coding RNAs, from the genomics functional analysis of
large datasets to biological function and the variety of
mechanisms of lncRNA actions. The issue will cover
lncRNA function in mammalian health, phenotypes, disease
and rescue of phenotypes, both in model animals and in
human cells, organoids and other suitable models.

The issue will include commentary and invited review
articles in addition to original research contributions in
relevant areas.

We invite submissions of original research contributions
for this issue by 31st March 2021

Guest editors: Dr Piero Carninci, Prof Lynne Maquat, Dr Rory Johnson, Dr Archa Fox and Dr Saba Valadkhan will coordinate the issue.

Please contact in the first instance:

Managing Editor: Dr Louise Tinsley (

Editors in Chief: Prof. Steve D.M. Brown (
                            Prof. Joseph H. Nadeau (

Reviews Editor: Prof. Maja Bucan (

Official Journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society:

Special Thematic Issue Series
available at: