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Mammalian Genome

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Mammalian Genome - Enjoy free reading of 34th International mammalian genome conference: meeting overview

The 34th International MamLogo of TAGC2020 online conferencemalian Genome Conference (IMGC) was held in conjunction with the allied genetics conference (TAGC2020) where more than 3520 virtual attendees enjoyed a rich scientific program selected from 184 submitted (Mammalian) abstracts in the fields of epigenetics, system genetics, developmental biology, cancer, human disease modeling, technical advances, and bioinformatics.  

Despite researchers having to adapt to a global pandemic, the incredible accomplishments of scientists, clinicians, and trainees in 2020 were evident from the diversity of biological systems described across sessions at the TAGC2020. We encourage you to search for details about TAGC2020 at and see the IMGS trainee award winners listed in this article