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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

Publishing model:

Mammalian Genome - New Subtitle: “Precision and Functional Genomics”

Cover Mammalian GenomeMammalian Genome is increasingly interested in research and review that reflects on the challenges of precision biology in genetics and functional genomics, that includes areas such as genomic and precision medicine. We published an Editorial on this earlier in 2019 stating our interest to receive and consider papers in this area, and this initiative was allied to publication of a special issue on Precision Medicine (Brown and Nadeau, 2019) in two parts (see 1 and 2). As a consequence of this emphasis we are changing the subtitle of the journal to Precision and Functional Genomics.  It is important to stress that Mammalian Genome continues to seek papers from all of the communities who regularly publish in Mammalian Genome – in mouse, rat and human genetics, farm & domestic animal genetics communities, using a range of genetic approaches.

Please read the latest Editorial by the Editors-in-Chief for further information.