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Mammalian Genome

Precision and Functional Genomics

Publishing model:

Aims and scope

Mammalian Genome focuses on the experimental, theoretical and technical aspects of genetics, genomics, epigenetics and systems biology in mouse, human and other mammalian species, with an emphasis on the relationship between genotype and phenotype, elucidation of biological and disease pathways as well as experimental aspects of interventions, therapeutics, and precision medicine. The journal aims to publish high quality original papers that present novel findings in all areas of mammalian genetic research as well as review articles on areas of topical interest. The journal will also feature commentaries and editorials to inform readers of breakthrough discoveries as well as issues of research standards, policies and ethics.

Special emphasis is placed on:

  • Innovative approaches to elucidating genotype-phenotype relationships and illuminating biological networks and pathways in health and disease
  • Analysis of biological and disease systems with the aim of identifying novel disease loci, elucidating their functions, and testing modalities to control their phenotypic and disease outcomes
  • New methodologies for defining biological and disease phenotypes
  • Identification and application of new computational tools for analyzing genetic, epigenetic, and phenotype data bearing on pathways, networks and systems analysis of cellular and organ systems
  • Comparative genetics, genomics, epigenetics and phenomics
  • Exploitation of genetic, genomics, epigenetic and systems approaches that impact on the identification and validation of interventional targets and underpin novel therapeutics, precision medicine, and healthcare.

Mammalian Genome is the official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society(