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The Mathematical Intelligencer publishes articles about mathematics, about mathematicians, and about the history and culture of mathematics. Written in an engaging, informal style,* our pages inform and entertain a broad audience of mathematicians and the wider intellectual community.

We welcome expository articles on all kinds of mathematics, and articles that portray the diversity of mathematical communities and mathematical thought, emergent mathematical communities around the world, new interdisciplinary trends, and relations between mathematics and other areas of culture. Humor is welcome, as are puzzles, poetry, fiction, and art. 

*Note: The traditional Definition/Theorem/Proof style of research articles is not appropriate here, nor are articles aimed only at specialists.

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Latest Articles

  1. No Access

    For Our Mathematical Pleasure

    Mathematical Treasures from Sid Sackson

    Jim Henle (December 2018)

  2. No Access

    Poem or Fiction

    Marginal Excuses

    Kay R. Pechenick DeVicci Shultz (December 2018)

  3. Stamp Corner

    19th-Century Mathematical Physics

    Robin Wilson (December 2018)