Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences

ISSN: 2005-9752 (Print) 2233-7784 (Online)


Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences publishes original Research Articles, Rapid Communications, and Mini Reviews.  

The Journal is intended to provide a venue for presenting and discussing fundamental and applied research advances relevant to the issues of local/global environments, human/animal health, and occupational safety. In particular, manuscripts with interdisciplinary approaches to solve current local/global environmental issues related with above topics are welcomed; such as cutting-edge applications in basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology, which could contribute significantly with new (or which could advance the understanding) understandings in the predictions, measurements, and assessments of the consequential effects of toxic hazardous harmful chemicals in the environment.  

The Journal also provides a forum for professionals in academia, industry, and government involved in the use, protection, and management of the chemicals in environment for the enhancement of human health and occupational safety.

Lastly, the journal focuses on the applications of sciences and technologies in environmental decision-making, regulations, and managements, and the development of science-based solutions of local/global issues of environment, health, and safety.

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