Regional Research of Russia

ISSN: 2079-9705 (Print) 2079-9713 (Online)


You need only seven days to cross Russia
from Moscow to Vladivostok by train.

It is hard to find on the world's map the country with such deep social and economic differentiation as Russia. For centuries specialists in Russia have been discussing whether such huge territory has positive and negative consequences for country's development. Even now only the minority of Russian territories are covered with large scale regional researches. Only such large scale approach can give a real explanation of the majority of social-economic problems. There is not much in common between post-industrial Moscow and post-war Chechen's capital Grozny or territories of traditional economy of northern indigenous peoples, between permafrost north areas and "never-frost" Black Sea resorts.

Last fifteen years was the renaissance of regional research in Russia. But all these changes are practically unknown for western specialists in regional research. The main aim of the journal is to restore contacts between Russian and foreign regional specialists, thereby returning Russian regionalists to the arena of international discussion as well as to the world's science.

Regional Research of Russia includes articles on human geography, regional economy and sociology, and other fields of regional studies from three Russian journals: Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Geography; Bulletin of the Russian Geographical Society; Region: Economics and Sociology.

This journal aims to show the professional level of regional researches as well as development level of territories.

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