Official Scholarly Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists

ISSN: 0277-5212 (Print) 1943-6246 (Online)


WETLANDS is an international journal concerned with all aspects of wetlands biology, ecology, hydrology, water chemistry, soil and sediment characteristics, management, education, legislation, cultural, sociology, and regulations. The journal is published 6 times per year, with the goal of centralizing the publication of pioneering wetlands work that has never been done or otherwise been spread among a myriad of journals. Because wetlands research crosses a wide range of disciplines, the journal is not restricted to specific subjects, but presents manuscripts reporting research results and ideas from all relevant disciplines. Wetlands offers only the highest quality peer-reviewed material.


WETLANDS publishes various article types: reviews, research articles, and short communications. Manuscripts may be submitted under the ‘general’ article type, or, if appropriate, under any of the focused Series as mentioned under "Series and Article Types". There may also be temporary article types for Special Issues and Special Features, which usually are by invitation only. If unsure which article type to use for your manuscript, please contact the Editor in Chief, Marinus L. Otte.

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