Journal of Optics

ISSN: 0972-8821 (Print) 0974-6900 (Online)


The Journal of Optics is a quarterly publication of the Optical Society of India - a premier association of scientists and technologists of the country, established in 1965, and is engaged in the promotion and dissemination of knowledge of optics in all its branches, pure and applied. The Journal is being regularly published since 1972.

The Journal of Optics publishes research papers on results of original and applied research of sufficient merit in all branches of optical physics and technology such as science of vision, colour, photometry, illumination, optical/opto-electronic materials and devices, optical testing and standardisation, spectroscopy, lasers, holography, fibre optics, non-linear optics, optical and opto-electronic systems and instruments, image processing, optical computing etc. Review articles and literature citations on various aspects of optics are also welcome.

The Journal has wide circulation in India and abroad among the physicists and technologists both from academic and research organizations. Manufacturing organization in the area, in the core and defence sectors, are also using this Journal either through corporate membership or by subscriptions.

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