Proceedings of the Zoological Society

ISSN: 0373-5893 (Print) 0974-6919 (Online)


The Society is publishing Proceedings of the Zoological Society since 1948, which is now recognized as an internationally reputed Journal and is widely circulated all over India and abroad. With sincere efforts of the entire editorial board the Journal has been updated and quality of printing has been improved to a great extent. The Journal mainly accepts original research papers containing new facts on any discipline of zoology, Animal physiology, Behavioural biology, Cell biology and genetics, Ecology, Entomology, Evolutionary biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Immunology, Plant animal Interaction, Stem Cell Biology, Toxicology. Checklist of taxonomy and description will not be accepted. Articles with new interpretations of the existing knowledge is strongly encouraged for submission.

This Journal follows Double Blind peer review process.

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