Marine Biodiversity

ISSN: 1867-1616 (Print) 1867-1624 (Online)


Marine Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed international journal devoted to all aspects of biodiversity research on marine ecosystems. The journal is a relaunch of the well-known "Senckenbergiana maritima" and covers research at gene, species and ecosystem level that focuses on describing the actors (genes and species), the patterns (gradients and distributions) and understanding of the processes responsible for the regulation and maintenance of diversity in marine systems. Also included are the study of species interactions (symbioses, parasitism, etc.) and the role of species in structuring marine ecosystem functioning.

Marine Biodiversity offers articles in the category original paper, short note, Oceanarium and review article. It forms a platform for marine biodiversity researchers from all over the world for the exchange of new information and discussions on concepts and exciting discoveries.

Please note!
From 1st January 2019, Marine Biodiversity is accepting submission of articles in the category Oceanarium again.

An Oceanarium consists of 2 printed pages and a maximum of 600 words (including title, caption, up to 5 references, acknowledgements, and author details). The emphasis is on a high quality photograph or plate with a caption and a short explanatory text. The topic must be scientifically interesting and original (e.g., an unusual event, observation or phenomenon). The picture or plate should clearly show what is important, while the text should provide the context explaining what is seen on the picture and why it is important. An abstract and keywords are not required. Addition of appendices as online supplementary material (like movies or maps) is allowed but should not be used to compensate for shortage of space.
The manuscript of an Oceanarium type must be accompanied by 2 support letters of colleagues (supporting the relevance of the discovery) and 5 names of potential reviewers.

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