Volume 60, Issue 3-4, December 1986

ISSN: 0231-4428 (Print)

In this issue (21 articles)

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    General Physics

    The nature of a quantum state

    J. G. Gilson Article:145
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    Elementary Particles and Fields

    Gupta-Bleuler quantisation of the free massless spin 2 field

    A. Mészáros Pages 173-175
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    Elementary Particles and Fields

    On the graded lie algebra SU(n/n)

    Nguyen Ai Viet Pages 187-191
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    Fluids, Plasmas and Electric Discharges

    Hydromagnetic Rayleigh problem in a rotating fluid

    A. Raptis, A. K. Singh Pages 221-226
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    Atomic and Molecular Physics

    Molecular dynamics of Dihalogermanes

    S. Mohan, T. J. Bhoopathy Pages 319-331
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