Academic Questions

A Publication of the National Association of Scholars

ISSN: 0895-4852 (Print) 1936-4709 (Online)


Academic Questions, the official journal of the National Association of Scholars, takes advantage of the best scholarly analysis to explore the vices, as well as the virtues, of the contemporary university. A journal dedicated to strengthening the integrity of scholarship and teaching, Academic Questions examines issues that arise from the interplay among politics, ideology, scholarship, and teaching in higher education.

Among the questions explored in the journal are the maintenance of scholarly standards, the quality and even-handedness of peer review, the preservation of intellectual tolerance and civility on campus and within academic associations, and the relationship between government and education. A critique of the academy by academics themselves, Academic Questions upholds the traditions of humanism and intellectual freedom.

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    Numbers from an Academic Conference (APSA 2018)

    Robert Maranto (September 2019)

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    Wild, Wild Nights!

    Bruce Bawer (September 2019)

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    The Issue at a Glance

    (September 2019)