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Energy Efficiency - Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Behavioural contributions to foster the energy transition and combat climate change”

The Energy Efficiency journal ( has agreed to host a special issue on “Behavioural contributions to foster the energy transition and combat climate change”. This issue will feature research papers presented in two prominent energy behaviour conferences:

BECC 2023 (North America) (Nov 12-15, 2023) BEHAVE 2023 (Europe) (Nov 28-29, 2023)

Researchers presenting at any of these conferences are invited to contribute to this special issue. Contributions are expected to cover a diverse array of topics related to new approaches, policies, and methods to encourage behaviour change for energy and carbon reduction, including but not limited to:

Public participation in energy solutions and policy making;Acceptability, adoption and use of energy innovations;Interventions to promote or facilitate behaviour change within households and organisations;How technologies and systems designs can encourage and facilitate behaviour change;How to promote a fair and inclusive energy transition.

We welcome manuscripts containing high quality research, with original quantitative and qualitative data, meta-analyses, insights with theoretical and practical relevance, moving beyond specific cases description, while deriving relevant energy policy recommendations.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2024 (New Date!).

For further information please contact any of the special issue editors:

Kaisa Matschoss, BEHAVE (

Marta Lopes, BEHAVE ( Aczel, BECC (

Therese Peffer, BECC (

Thijs Bouman, BEHAVE (