Published by the Indian Academy of Sciences

ISSN: 0971-8044 (Print) 0973-712X (Online)


Resonance is a journal of science education published by the Indian Academy of Sciences. It is directed to students and teachers at the undergraduate level, though some articles also appeal to the graduate level.

This journal features articles on physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Articles fall into several categories: general articles, series, concise article-in-boxes, classroom pieces, nature-watch pieces, research news, book reviews, and information and announcements useful to students and teachers.

Each issue of Resonance highlights the contributions of an important scientist, with articles describing his or her life and work. In some cases, the journal features an article written by the highlighted scientist as a Classic or a Reflections item. Einstein, Schroedinger, Pauli, Chandrasekhar, Raman, Darwin, and Pauling are just some the groundbreaking researchers who have been featured.

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