Volume 61, Issue 3, July 2018

ISSN: 1068-7998 (Print) 1934-7901 (Online)

In this issue (27 articles)

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    Flight Dynamics and Control of Flight Vehicles

    On the Non-coplanar Transfer of Type II between Two Circular Orbits

    D. A. Grishko, B. O. Vasil’kov Pages 355-362
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    Aero- and Gas-Dynamics of Flight Vehicles and Their Engines

    To the Problem of Friction Minimization on Permeable Surfaces at Supersonic Flow Rate

    K. G. Garaev, I. R. Mukhametzyanov Pages 391-395
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    Aircraft and Rocket Engine Design and Development

    Study of Dynamic Loads of Aircraft Bevel Gear Systems

    A. V. Suslin, C. K. Pilla Pages 434-440
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