Current Cardiology Reports

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Current Cardiology Reports provides in-depth review articles contributed by international experts on the most significant developments in the field.  By presenting clear, insightful, balanced reviews that emphasize recently published papers of major importance, the journal elucidates current and emerging approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of cardiology-related diseases and conditions.

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Latest Articles

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    Regenerative Medicine (SM Wu, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Cell Cycle–Mediated Cardiac Regeneration in the Mouse Heart

    Arash Eghbali, Austin Dukes, Karl Toischer, Gerd Hasenfuss (September 2019)

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    Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (N Wong, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Mechanisms and Evidence for Heart Failure Benefits from SGLT2 Inhibitors

    Cezary Wojcik, Bruce A. Warden (September 2019)

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    Invasive Electrophysiology and Pacing (EK Heist, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection

    Programming Pacemakers to Reduce and Terminate Atrial Fibrillation

    Margarida Pujol-López, Rodolfo San Antonio (September 2019)