Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Focus on Physics

ISSN: 1990-7931 (Print) 1990-7923 (Online)


The Journal publishes original and review papers relevant to all aspects of chemical physics. Elementary chemical and physical processes on the molecular level are considered. The dynamics of reactions in gaseous, solid, and liquid phases and on interfaces, including the effect of various impacts - electromagnetic field, radiation, mechanical and thermal factors – is widely discussed. Particular attention is paid to combustion, ignition, and detonation phenomena in gases, two-phase media, and solids, to energy transfer processes in reacting media, and to fluid dynamics of reacting media. Shock wave studies are also covered including phenomena on the molecular and meso-levels. Among the other topics the Journal deals with kinetics of biochemical radical reactions, behavior of nanoparticles and materials exhibiting peculiar electromagnetic properties, kinetics of phase transitions, new experimental methods, atmospheric chemistry, and kinetics of polymer synthesis and destruction.

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