Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration

ISSN: 1671-3664 (Print) 1993-503X (Online)


Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration is an international journal sponsored by the Institute of Engineering Mechanics (IEM), China Earthquake Administration in cooperation with the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER), and State University of New York at Buffalo. It promotes scientific exchange between Chinese and foreign scientists and engineers, to improve the theory and practice of earthquake hazards mitigation, preparedness, and recovery.

The journal focuses on earthquake engineering in all aspects, including seismology, tsunamis, ground motion characteristics, soil and foundation dynamics, wave propagation, probabilistic and deterministic methods of dynamic analysis, behavior of structures, and methods for earthquake resistant design and retrofit of structures that are germane to practicing engineers. It includes seismic code requirements, as well as supplemental energy dissipation, base isolation, and structural control.

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