Russian Journal of Pacific Geology

ISSN: 1819-7140 (Print) 1819-7159 (Online)


Founded in 1982, the Russian Journal of Pacific Geology highlights problems of Earth sciences covering a vast region of the Pacific Ocean, marginal seas, and continental framing. The Asian-Pacific represents a unique junction of oceanic and continental plates, and distinctive mineral resources are: tin, gold, platinum, and oil and gas on the shelf. The Pacific Fire Ring of active volcanoes is the most hazardous part of the planet with high seismic activity and tsunami waves.

The range of topics covered is diverse: paleontology and stratigraphy, geology of ore deposits, seismology and seismotectonics, geophysics and geodynamics, magmatism and metamorphism, geochemistry, petrology and geochronology, mineralogy and petrography, geomorphology and tectonics, geology of the seas and oceans floor, sedimentology, oil and gas geology, and more.

The peer-reviewed journal also publishes critical notes and comments, reviews, chronicles of major events in scientific life, and bibliography.

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