Ricerche di Matematica

A Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

ISSN: 0035-5038 (Print) 1827-3491 (Online)


Ricerche di Matematica was founded by Carlo Miranda in 1952, with the support of Renato Caccioppoli and other members of the Istituto di Matematica of Naples University. The journal has been published without interruption in Naples from 1952 to 2005, in this period 54 volumes appeared. From 2006 “Ricerche di Matematica” is published by Springer-Verlag. Ricerche di Matematica is published under the auspices of the Department of Mathematics and Applications “R. Caccioppoli” and a board of professors from the Naples University “Federico II” appoints and supports the editors of the journal. The list of editors appears in each issue.

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