The HUGO Journal

Official Journal of the Human Genome Organisation

ISSN: 1877-6558 (Print) 1877-6566 (Online)


The HUGO Journal is the Official Journal of the Human Genome Organisation and publishes original research and articles on all aspects of genomic medicine and genome sciences. The aim of the journal is to provide an excellent resource for the publication of peer-reviewed research articles on a wide range of genome-based fields. The wide scope of the journal reflects the broad and rapidly expanding nature of the field of genomics.

The HUGO Journal welcomes article submissions in any of the following categories:

  • Genomic sciences and human disease: e.g., pharmacogenomics, cancer genomics, genetics of Mendelian disorders, genetics of complex diseases
  • Genome structure and genetic variation
  • Genome-to-systems strategies in systems biology
  • Genomic technologies
  • Genomic epidemiology
  • Computational genomics
  • Comparative genomics between humans and other organisms
  • Microbial genomics of organisms pertinent to human disease
  • Population genetics
  • Ethical, legal, and societal research relevant to genomics and human genetics

Several new sections will be offered to enhance the exchange of information relevant to genomic scientists:

  • Databases: This section specifically encourages the publication of description and utility of specific genomic databases
  • Technology advances: This section publishes articles specifically focused on advances in technologies pertinent to genomic sciences. These include tissue and nucleic acid preparation, and useful computational algorithms
  • Innovation reports: These are short reports of <1000 words that describe a specific finding of interest to the genomics community. The focus is on early publication of a highly innovative finding that may not have large scale validation. This includes case reports of unique genotype-phenotype associations

The HUGO Journal is the official publication of the Human Genome Organisation. We will be publishing key consensus reports and policy guidelines from HUGO Council and its subcommittees. Because The HUGO Journal acts as the forum for the Human Genome Organisation, we will publish views and opinions of the HUGO members on the issues that are important for the genome research and research in general.

The journal went open access in 2012, which means that all articles published since then are freely available online.

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