Sleep and Breathing

International Journal of the Science and Practice of Sleep Medicine

ISSN: 1520-9512 (Print) 1522-1709 (Online)


Sleep and Breathing reflects the international state of the science and practice of sleep medicine. The journal is founded on the recognition that management of sleep disorders requires a multi-disciplinary approach and diverse perspectives. Sleep and Breathing presents timely and original peer-reviewed studies on the management of the upper airway during sleep.

The journal presents cutting edge information on common sleep disorders and disruptions, including insomnia and shift work. Coverage includes patient studies, and studies that emphasize the principles of physiology and pathophysiology or illustrate novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the journal features articles describing patient-oriented and cost-benefit health outcomes research. It is dedicated to making the most important developments in sleep disordered breathing easily accessible to all who treat sleep apnea, presenting well-chosen, well-written, and highly organized information that is useful in patient care.

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Latest Articles

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    Sleep and Breathing Physiology and Disorders • Original Article

    Association between obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and waist-to-height ratio

    Yasemin Unal, Dilek Aslan Ozturk, Kursad Tosun, Gulnihal Kutlu (September 2018)

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    Sleep and Breathing Physiology and Disorders • Original Article

    Obstructive sleep apnea in pregnancy: performance of a rapid screening tool

    Bilgay Izci Balserak, Bingqian Zhu, Michael A. Grandner (September 2018)

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    Sleep Breathing Physiology and Disorders • Review

    REM obstructive sleep apnea: risk for adverse health outcomes and novel treatments

    Andrew W. Varga, Babak Mokhlesi (September 2018)