Transport in Porous Media

ISSN: 0169-3913 (Print) 1573-1634 (Online)


Transport in Porous Media publishes original research on the physical and chemical aspects of transport of extensive quantities such as mass of a fluid phase, mass of a component of a phase, momentum and energy, in single and multiphase flow in a (possibly deformable) porous medium domain. These are presented in the context of chemical, civil, agricultural, petroleum and mechanical engineering.

Transport phenomena, understood from the microscopic scale upward, form the basis for deterministic and stochastic models that describe them. The models are adaptable to describe flow and contaminant transport in aquifers; oil and gas movement in petroleum reservoirs; solvent drives and enhanced oil recovery; heat and mass transport in packed bed reactors in chemical engineering, in geothermal reservoirs and in building materials; spread of pollutants from radioactive waste repositories; filtration processes, and biomedical studies of fluid and chemical transport in lungs and other organs.

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