Systemic Practice and Action Research

ISSN: 1094-429X (Print) 1573-9295 (Online)


Systemic Practice and Action Research (SPAR) is dedicated to critical systems thinking and its applications and building an understanding of the complexities of modern society. The journal examines the effects of technological advancement, including older technologies that continue to have profound effects on society today. Furthermore, the journal contributes to a rethinking of science as well as to the reflective application of systemic practice and action research in all types of organizational and social settings.

A forum that fosters new thinking about management and systems research, SPAR also encourages traditional research methods that have remained effective. Contributions therefore draw upon all forms of investigation and reasoning, including deductionism, empiricism, inductionism, and metaphor. Readers will find works of original research, case studies, reflections on experience, and short research notes.

Officially cited as: Syst Pract Action Res

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