Precision Agriculture

An International Journal on Advances in Precision Agriculture

ISSN: 1385-2256 (Print) 1573-1618 (Online)


Precision Ag definition

The International Society of Precision Agriculture ( ) adopted the following definition of precision agriculture in 2019: 

‘Precision Agriculture is a management strategy that gathers, processes and analyzes temporal, spatial and individual data and combines it with other information to support management decisions according to estimated variability for improved resource use efficiency, productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability of agricultural production.’

Topics that are addressed include:

·         within-field natural resources variability, including soil and crop variability and characteristics

·         managing variability, including sampling techniques and methods, nutrient and crop protection chemicals recommendation and crop quality

·         engineering technology, focusing on sensor systems, computational techniques, positioning systems and control systems for site-specific application

·         adoption and economics of precision agriculture management

·         Environmental coverage including sediments, leaching, runoff and drainage related to within-field spatial variability.

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