International Journal for Photosynthesis Research

ISSN: 0300-3604 (Print) 1573-9058 (Online)


As of Volume 57/2019 Photosyntetica is published by the Institute of Experimental Botany, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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Photosynthetica is devoted to the investigation of photosynthesis, combining biochemical, biophysical and ecological approaches to the study of photosynthesis in plants. The journal carries specialized reviews on various aspects of photosynthesis research and presents papers on the structure of the photosynthetic apparatus; chloroplast pigments (both in vivo and in vitro); biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of photosynthetic reactions; measurements of photosynthesis and photosynthetic production by techniques ranging from laboratory gas-exchange measurements to growth analysis, etc. Photosynthetica is directed by an international editorial board. The articles are written in English. The journal regularly publishes reviews of books dealing with photosynthesis, reports on photosynthetic congresses and symposia, and bibliographic lists of papers on methods and reviews.

The Editor-in-Chief of Photosynthetica is Helena Synková, Praha, Czech Republic


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