Volume 8, Issue 1, February 21, 1986

ISSN: 2210-7703 (Print) 2210-7711 (Online)

In this issue (19 articles)

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    Review Articles

    Fluorinated quinolones

    R. Janknegt Pages 1-21
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    Quinolones: pharmacology

    L. Verbist Pages 22-25
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    Quinolones in vitro

    F. Th. C. Willems Pages 26-28
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    APV Congress/Dutch Biopharmaceutical Meeting

    Abstracts of papers

    W. E. Roorda, M. A. de Vries, C. Kosho, J. A. Bouwstra Pages 95-107
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    From the Editors

    Advisors and referees

    Page 108