Molecular Diversity

ISSN: 1381-1991 (Print) 1573-501X (Online)


Molecular Diversity presents refereed papers describing the development, application and theory of molecular diversity, and combinatorial chemistry in basic and applied research and drug discovery.

The journal publishes both short and full-length papers, perspectives, news and reviews. Coverage addresses the generation of molecular diversity, application of diversity for screening against alternative targets of all types, analysis of results and their application in various scientific disciplines. Topics include combinatorial chemistry and parallel synthesis; small molecule libraries; microwave synthesis; flow synthesis; fluorous synthesis; diversity oriented synthesis (DOS); nanoreactors; click chemistry;  multiplex technologies; fragment- and ligand-based design; structure/function/SAR; computational chemistry and molecular design; chemoinformatics; screening techniques and screening interfaces; analytical and purification methods; robotics; automation and miniaturization;  targeted libraries; display libraries; peptides and peptoids; proteins; oligonucleotides; carbohydrates; natural diversity; new methods of library formulation and deconvolution; directed evolution; origin of life and recombination, search techniques; landscapes; random chemistry and more.

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