Marine Geophysical Research

An International Journal for the Study of the Earth Beneath the Sea

ISSN: 0025-3235 (Print) 1573-0581 (Online)


Marine Geophysical Research is an international journal covering the geology of continental margins, deep ocean basins and the global mid-ocean ridge system. The journal publishes state-of-the-art research including innovative geophysical data analysis, new deep sea floor imaging techniques, and tools for measuring rock and sediment properties. 

Marine Geophysical Research reaches a large and growing community of readers worldwide. Rooted on early international interest in the global mid-ocean ridge system, its focus has expanded to include studies of continental margin tectonics, sediment deposition processes and resulting geohazards, as well as their structure and stratigraphic record. The editors of MARI predict a rising rate of advances and development in this sphere in coming years, reflecting the diversity and complexity of marine geological processes.

For advice on the suitability of submissions, please contact the Editors-in-Chief:
Wu-Cheng Chi, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan []
Claudio Lo Iacono, Institut de Ciències del Mar (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain []

NEW: Continuous Article Publishing (CAP)

Beginning with Volume 41 (2020), Marine Geophysical Research commenced using the “Continuous Article Publishing” publication model, where all accepted articles are immediately published in an issue.

Open Access for Germany!

More than 750 German institutions are eligible to participate in the agreement between Springer Nature and Projekt DEAL. If you are a corresponding author affiliated with a German university or research institution, you are entitled to publish open access in our journals with fees covered by the German DEAL agreement.


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