Lithology and Mineral Resources

ISSN: 0024-4902 (Print) 1608-3229 (Online)


Lithology and Mineral Resources (Litologiya i poleznye iskopaemye) reviews a wide range of problems related to the formation of sedimentary rocks and ores. Special attention is devoted to comparison of ancient sedimentary rock and ore formation with present-day processes, as the idea of actualism has always constituted one of the bases of the scientific philosophy of lithologists. A major part of the journal is devoted to comparative analysis of sedimentary processes on continents and in oceans, as well as the genetic aspects of the formation of sedimentary and hydrothermal-sedimentary mineral resources. The journal was founded in 1963 by Academician N. M. Strakhov. It will be of interest to lithologists, petrographers, geochemists, mineralogists, ore geologists and metallogenists, as well as to other geologists, ecologists, researchers of experimental and analytical laboratories, and graduate students.

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