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Aims and scope

Journal of Solution Chemistry offers a unique forum for researchers working on the physical chemistry of complex liquid solutions both in terms of the fundamental and applied research.

Featured topics:

  • Experimental and theoretical investigations of the interactions importance of both the solvent and solute(s) present in a given solution (solvent–solute, solvent–solvent, and solute–solute interactions);
  • Studies of electrolyte, nonelectrolyte and biomolecule solutions in traditional aqueous and nonaqueous solvents and in designed neoteric solvent systems by providing novel insights using:
    • Experimental thermodynamics; 
    • Statistical thermodynamics;
    • Computational chemistry;
    • Spectroscopy;
    • Transport and relaxation studies;
    • Chemical reaction equilibria and kinetics in different solvent systems.
  • Assemblies of soft matter the properties of which are determined by solvent-solute interaction:
    • Colloids;
    • Liquid crystals;
    • Gels;
    • Emulsions, microemulsions.
  • Combined experimental and theoretical investigations of fluid phase equilibria and solubility phenomena:
    • Vapor–liquid equilibria;
    • Liquid–liquid equilibria.
    • Solid–liquid equilibria;
  • Studies involving novel applications of the solution chemistry to:
    • Mineral processing;
    • Nuclear chemistry;
    • Environmental chemistry;
    • Aerosol chemistry;
    • Sustainable chemistry;
    • Recycling and circular economy;
    • Pharmaceutical processing;
    • Chemical engineering.

Papers reporting only experimental data, that do not contribute to the understanding of the fundamentals of solution chemistry or of applied solution chemistry will no longer be accepted in the Journal of Solution Chemistry. Only papers of a non-routine nature and those advancing the field will be considered for publication in our Journal.