Journal of Russian Laser Research

ISSN: 1071-2836 (Print) 1573-8760 (Online)


Journal of Russian Laser Research is based on the best Russian research in the field of lasers. It is based on research selected for its timeliness and importance to this rapidly growing field.

Research carried out under the auspices of the prestigious P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences will form the core of this journal. Coverage includes carefully selected current research in traditional areas such as laser physics; nonlinear optics; laser-stimulated chemistry; laser applications; laser spectroscopy; laser interactions with matter and plasma; laser pumping; properties of laser beams; and solid-state, gas, liquid, chemical, and semiconductor lasers, as well as in new areas such as quantum optics and quantum information processing.

All articles are peer-reviewed.

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