Journal of Biological Physics

ISSN: 0092-0606 (Print) 1573-0689 (Online)


Since its foundation, in 1973, the Journal of Biological Physics has served the community of physicists researching the domains of biology, applying sophisticated theoretical, computational and experimental tools to study biological processes, systems and materials.

The journal publishes papers which use the tools of physics, both experimental and theoretical, in innovative ways to study biological problems, as well as research aimed at better understanding the physical principles underlying biological processes.

All areas of biological physics are addressed, from the molecular level, through the mesoscale of membranes and cells, up to the macroscopic level of tissues, organisms and  populations. As biological physics expands its traditional boundaries,  it sometimes overlaps with other disciplines, such as chemistry, engineering, mathematics, investigating the interface with biology. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary studies although, it continues to pay special attention to the physics content of the research and its relevance to biological systems.

The journal scope includes, but is not restricted to:

-        Nonlinear phenomena

-        Biopolymers

-        Neurodynamics

-        Bioenergetics

-        Mechanobiology

-        Systems biology

-        Imaging, microscopy and spectroscopy

-        Molecular biophysics

-        Cell biophysics

-        Multicellular phenomena

-        Biological networks

In addition to original peer-reviewed research papers, the Journal of Biological Physics publishes Short Notes, Perspectives and Review papers Book reviews are also welcome.

Authors are kindly requested to submit through the journal online submission system. This offers the option of uploading papers directly from Arxiv.

Authors are required to declare any conflicts of interest. In case of studies on human or animal subjects, authors must adhere to the ethical standard for informed consent and animal rights. Full details are given in the Instruction for Authors.

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