Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision

ISSN: 0924-9907 (Print) 1573-7683 (Online)


Current developments in new image processing hardware, the advent of multisensor data fusion, and rapid advances in vision research have led to an explosive growth in the interdisciplinary field of imaging science. Emphasizing the role of mathematics as a rigorous basis for imaging science, this journal details innovative or established mathematical techniques applied to vision and imaging problems in a novel way. It also reports on new developments and problems in mathematics arising from these applications.

The scope of Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision includes:

- computational models of vision; imaging algebra and mathematical morphology

- mathematical methods in reconstruction, compactification, and coding

- filter theory

- probabilistic, statistical, geometric, topological, and fractal techniques and models in imaging science

- inverse optics

- wave theory.

This journal contains research articles, invited papers, and expository articles.

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