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Journal of Computational Neuroscience - The Best of Journal of Computational Neuroscience 2020-2021

We are showcasing the top articles from Journal of Computational Neuroscience, published in 2020 and 2021. This collection features the highlights of the latest academic research. We hope you enjoy your free reading!

Multiscale relevance and informative encoding in neuronal spike trains
Ryan John Cubero, Matteo Marsili & Yasser Roudi

Energetics of stochastic BCM type synaptic plasticity and storing of accurate information
Jan Karbowski

Noise induced quiescence of epileptic spike generation in patients with epilepsy
Charith N. Cooray, Ana Carvalho & Gerald K. Cooray

Dynamics of a neuron–glia system: the occurrence of seizures and the influence of electroconvulsive stimuli
André H. Erhardt, Kent-Andre Mardal & Jakob E. Schreiner

Active sensing in a dynamic olfactory world
John Crimaldi, Hong Lei, Andreas Schaefer, Michael Schmuker, Brian H. Smith, Aaron C. True, Justus V. Verhagen & Jonathan D. Victor

Monosynaptic inference via finely-timed spikes
Jonathan Platkiewicz, Zachary Saccomano, Sam McKenzie, Daniel English & Asohan Amarasingham

Constraint-induced intervention as an emergent phenomenon from synaptic competition in biological systems
Won J. Sohn & Terence D. Sanger

Predictive coding models for pain perception
Yuru Song, Mingchen Yao, Helen Kemprecos, Aine Byrne, Zhengdong Xiao, Qiaosheng Zhang, Amrita Singh, Jing Wang & Zhe S. Chen

Recurrence-mediated suprathreshold stochastic resonance
Gregory Knoll & Benjamin Lindner

Cortical propagating waves: amplifying and suppressive?
Matteo di Volo, Sandrine Chemla & Alain Destexhe

Legacy of Lance M Optican: from math to medical science and back
Jeffrey D. Schall & Aasef G. Shaikh

Computational modeling of seizure spread on a cortical surface
Viktor Sip, Maxime Guye, Fabrice Bartolomei & Viktor Jirsa

A computational model for grid maps in neural populations
Fabio Anselmi, Micah M. Murray & Benedetta Franceschiello

A model for the transfer of control from the brain to the spinal cord through synaptic learning
Preeti Sar & Hartmut Geyer