Foundations of Science

The official Journal of the Association for Foundations of Science, Language and Cognition

ISSN: 1233-1821 (Print) 1572-8471 (Online)


Foundations of Science focuses on significant methodological and philosophical topics concerning the structure and the growth of science. It serves as a forum for exchange of views and ideas among working scientists and theorists of science, and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation.

The journal presents foundational issues of science in a way that is free from unnecessary technicalities, yet faithful to the scientific content. Its aim is not simply to identify and highlight foundational issues and problems, but to suggest constructive solutions.

While acknowledging that various sciences have their own approaches and methods, the editors hold that important truths can be discovered about and by the sciences and that these transcend cultural and political contexts. The editors believe that the central foundational questions of contemporary science can be posed and answered without recourse to sociological or historical methods.

Manuscripts should be submitted as an attached file to an e-mail directed to the Editor-in-Chief, Diederik Aerts at the address:  with a cc to the address:

The file should be an electronic copy of the original, not blinded, and a pdf version of the article, also not blinded.

Authors have to additionally give the names and e-mail addresses of five potential reviewers, who need to be scientists considered to have expertise in the domain where the subject of the manuscript is situated.

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