Environmental Modeling & Assessment

ISSN: 1420-2026 (Print) 1573-2967 (Online)


Environmental Modeling & Assessment builds bridges between the scientific community's understanding of key environmental issues and the decision makers' need to influence relevant policies and regulations on the basis of the best available information. The journal offers high quality, peer-reviewed papers that may be regarded as either instances of best practice, or as studies that advance the evolution and applicability of the theories and techniques of modeling and assessment. In particular, the editors are interested both in detailed scientific models of specific environmental problems and in large scale models of the global environment.
The journal also provides a forum where researchers can publish a complete mathematical description of important environmental models together with the accompanying analysis and underlying assumptions.

There are no page charges to publish in this journal.

All articles accepted after February 1, 2014 will have free color online and in print. 

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