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Editor-in-Chief: Katja Lajtha

Biogeochemistry publishes original and synthetic papers dealing with biotic controls on the chemistry of the environment, or with the geochemical control of the structure and function of ecosystems. Cycles are considered, either of individual elements or of specific classes of natural or anthropogenic compounds in ecosystems. Particular emphasis is given to coupled interactions of element cycles. The journal spans from the molecular to global scales to elucidate the mechanisms driving patterns in biogeochemical cycles through space and time. Studies on both natural and artificial ecosystems are published when they contribute to a general understanding of biogeochemistry.

Biogeochemistry Letters

Editor: Stuart Grandy

A new fast-track review process is available for high-profile manuscripts that present results that substantially advance the field or challenge entrenched ideas. Letters are expected to present new information in a concise format and appeal to a broad audience. We expect these papers to broaden our readership and solidify the journal’s reputation for publishing cutting-edge research in the field of Biogeochemistry.

The review process for submissions to this category will be expedited. After an initial screening by the section editor, Stuart Grandy, they will be reviewed by our editorial review board members who have agreed to review manuscripts within 21 days. We aim for an initial editorial decision within 30 days of submission, and a rapid editorial and publication process thereafter. As an added incentive for authors to cast their submissions in the concise Letters format, all papers in this category will receive free color printed figures.

In order to assure rapid publication, papers must conform to a strict page limit and format. Submissions may contain up to 5000 words in the main body (not including abstract, references, acknowledgements, or captions), six display items (figures or tables), and 50 references.

If you have a manuscript that you believe meets the standards for the Letters section, please contact Stuart Grandy ( directly before preparing and submitting your paper.

Synthesis and Emerging Ideas

Editor: Marc Kramer

To complement the normal articles published in Biogeochemistry, we also consider contributions that are theoretical, hypothetical, and/or synthetic in nature under the heading, Synthesis and Emerging Ideas. We invite authors to submit papers that will advance the concepts in the field of biogeochemistry that will challenge and expand people’s thinking, and ultimately stimulate the development of new tools and information. We are not interested in traditional review papers that simply summarize existing knowledge, but rather those that synthesize existing knowledge to generate new questions, ideas, theories, and discussion. We especially welcome papers that tackle emerging, unresolved or controversial ideas head-on.

Synthesis and Emerging Ideas papers should be prepared (and will be reviewed) with the same intellectual rigor as other papers published in Biogeochemistry. However, the review/acceptance process will focus less on the “rightness” of the paper and more on the rigor, interest, and potential value of the ideas presented. When reviewing and selecting papers, one key question we will ask is, Will this work advance biogeochemical thinking and research?

Paper for the Synthesis and Emerging Ideas section should be submitted through the online Editorial Manager system as for a regular paper, but authors must indicate using the drop-down menu that they wish the paper to be considered for this special section.  Alternatively, authors may submit an idea via a cover letter to the section, and the editors will respond quickly with a decision as to whether the paper meets the criterion of the section or should be submitted as a regular paper.

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