ISSN: 1389-5729 (Print) 1573-6768 (Online)


The journal Biogerontology offers a platform for research which aims primarily at achieving healthy old age accompanied by improved longevity. The focus is on efforts to understand, prevent, cure or minimize age-related impairments.
Biogerontology provides a peer-reviewed forum for publishing original research data, new ideas and discussions on modulating the aging process by physical, chemical and biological means, including transgenic and knockout organisms; cell culture systems to develop new approaches and health care products for maintaining or recovering the lost biochemical functions; immunology, autoimmunity and infection in aging; vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants for experimental studies on genetic determinants of aging and longevity; biodemography and theoretical models linking aging and survival kinetics.

Biogerontology publishes original research reports, reviews, hypotheses, new methods and interviews, and special issues on topics relating to aging, health and longevity.

Springer has signed an agreement with the British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA) to enter into an affiliation with the journal Biogerontology. The British Society for Research on Ageing promotes research to understand the causes and effects of the ageing process. The general aim of the society is to foster an experimental approach to problems of ageing in the biological and medical sciences and to provide a forum for the discussion of current ideas in these two areas.

BSRA Chairman Prof. Richard Faragher said, "We are delighted at the opportunity to affiliate our society with both Biogerontology and with Springer. We considered other options but nowhere else could we find such a combination of professionalism, friendliness and genuine enthusiasm for the work of our society. For our part, we at the BSRA will do our utmost to make Biogerontology THE journal to read for those interested in the biology of ageing."

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