Volume 76, Issue 3, March 2015

ISSN: 0005-1179 (Print) 1608-3032 (Online)

In this issue (17 articles)

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    Robust and Adaptive Systems

    Robust static control algorithm for linear objects

    I. B. Furtat Pages 446-457
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    System Analysis and Operations Research

    Modifications of the ant colony method for aviation routing problems

    Yu. P. Titov Pages 458-471
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    System Analysis and Operations Research

    Approximate algorithms for the traveling salesman problem. II

    S. I. Sergeev Pages 472-479
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    Computer-Aided Information Control Systems, Process Control Systems

    Computation planning in multiprocessor real time automated control systems with an additional resource

    M. G. Furugyan Pages 487-492
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    Mathematical Game Theory and Applications

    The bargaining solution among threshold strategies

    V. V. Mazalov, A. Y. Kondratev Pages 507-520