Volume 74, Issue 6, June 2013

ISSN: 0005-1179 (Print) 1608-3032 (Online)

In this issue (15 articles)

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    Nonlinear Systems

    Model with coupled subsystems

    V. N. Tkhai Pages 919-931
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    Stochastic Systems, Queueing Systems

    On approximate computation of the quantile criterion

    Yu. S. Kan, A. A. Travin Pages 944-950
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    System Analysis and Operations Research

    Nonlinear resolving functions for the travelling salesman problem

    S. I. Sergeev Pages 978-994
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    Control in Social Economic Systems, Medicine, and Biology

    Mathematical modeling of lactate metabolism with applications to sports

    A. P. Proshin, Yu. V. Solodyannikov Pages 1004-1019
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    Safety, Viability, Reliability, Technical Diagnostics

    Summation codes for organization of control of combinational circuits

    A. A. Blyudov, D. V. Efanov, V. V. Sapozhnikov Pages 1020-1028
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    Safety, Viability, Reliability, Technical Diagnostics

    A fault recovery method for optical means of data exchange

    G. G. Stetsyura Pages 1029-1036
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    Automation in Industry

    Intelligent electric drives with IT algorithms

    O. V. Kryukov Pages 1043-1048
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    Large Scale Systems Control

    On a basic hypothesis of hierarchical games theory

    M. A. Gorelov Pages 1049-1059