Volume 73, Issue 8, August 2012

ISSN: 0005-1179 (Print) 1608-3032 (Online)

In this issue (16 articles)

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    Nonlinear Systems

    On one variational Butkovskii problem

    Yu. V. Egorov Pages 1301-1304
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    Intellectual Control Systems

    M-estimates of the spatial autoregression coefficients

    V. B. Goryainov Pages 1371-1379
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    Computer-Aided Information Control Systems, Process Control Systems

    Using nonlinear approximation to estimate the parameters of plant time to failure

    N. V. Lubkov Pages 1380-1389
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    Safety, Persistence, Reliability, Technical Diagnostics

    An optimization approach to nonlinear diagnostic filter synthesis

    A. E. Shumskii, A. N. Zhirabok Pages 1390-1400
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    Control Sciences

    Concordant informational control

    A. G. Chkhartishvili Pages 1401-1409