Volume 73, Issue 5, May 2012

ISSN: 0005-1179 (Print) 1608-3032 (Online)

In this issue (18 articles)

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    Control in Social Economic Systems, Medicine, and Biology

    Homeostasis and health: Analysis from a standpoint of the control theory

    V. N. Novosel’tsev Pages 841-851
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    Computer-Aided Information Control Systems, Process Control Systems

    Synchronization of interacting digital devices with the use of a signal relay center

    G. G. Stetsyura Pages 852-861
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    Safety, Persistence, Reliability, Technical Diagnostics

    Diagnostic observers and parity relation: Comparative analysis

    A. N. Zhirabok Pages 873-887
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    Automation in Industry

    Evaluation of aerial chemical system efficiency

    I. S. Kostina Pages 900-904