Annals of Operations Research

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The Annals of Operations Research publishes peer-reviewed original articles dealing with key aspects of operations research, including theory, practice, and computation. The journal publishes full-length research articles, short notes, expositions and surveys, reports on computational studies, and case studies that present new and innovative practical applications.

In addition to regular issues, the journal publishes periodic special volumes that focus on defined fields of operations research, ranging from the highly theoretical to the algorithmic and the applied. These volumes have one or more Guest Editors who are responsible for collecting the papers and overseeing the refereeing process.

Officially cited as: Ann Oper Res

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Latest Articles

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    S.I.: Decomposition Methods for Hard Optimization Problems

    Price-and-verify: a new algorithm for recursive circle packing using Dantzig–Wolfe decomposition

    Ambros Gleixner, Stephen J. Maher, Benjamin Müller (December 2018)

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    S.I. : Applications of OR in Disaster Relief Operations, Part II

    Stochastic facility location model for drones considering uncertain flight distance

    Dongwook Kim, Kyungsik Lee, Ilkyeong Moon (December 2018)

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    Preface: operations research for transportation

    Gang Chen, Bin Yu, Peter Nielsen (December 2018)