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Animal Cognition
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Articles published in Animal Cognition are often featured in media outlets and blogs.
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Does Pet Parenting Style predict the social and problem-solving behavior of pet dogs (Canis lupus familiaris)?

Like a father, like a son. Researchers found that pet parenting style does predict patterns of dog behavior and cognition, suggesting that dog owners who take the time to understand and meet their dog's needs are more likely to end up with secure, resilient dogs. The study was well received by the mainstream media, so interesting that even Naked Science in Russia decides to feature our study. . This study was also featured in The Washington Post, The Telegraph, Science Alert, Yahoo News,, and more.

Does Pet Parenting Style image 2023

Domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) engage in non-random post-conflict affiliation with third parties: cognitive and functional implications

Pigs are well known for their intelligence. Now, Cordoni and colleagues also found out how pacific they are. Even The Economist and The Washington Post decided to feature this study. Let’s hope that someone in the Capitol sees it. That why we f****** love science. Other media outlets included EurekAlert and many more.

Domestic pigs image 2023

Domestic cats (Felis catus) prefer freely available food over food that requires effort

Who would have guessed? We all know how lazy they are. This study from Delgado and colleagues digs into cats’ preference to work for food. This study got great media coverage, from many different countries that can be found here.

Domestic cats image 2023

A comparison of personality traits of gifted word learner and typical border collies

Have you ever wondered if playful dogs are smarter? This study from Fugazza and colleagues answering this question was featured in several media outlets such as NBC NewsViceEurekAlertScience AlertPsychology Today, and many more.

A comparison of personality traits image 2023